The Community Council

General Seminary has long sponsored and funded a Community Council which includes representatives from across the Seminary community. The Community Council meets monthly to plan events, discuss current issues, develop community initiatives, and help facilitate the overall well-being of the seminary community.


How the council works

Each fall a student president and other students, faculty, spouses and staff are elected to represent the community and student body.

Various sub-committees exist within the Community Council which focus on specific areas of communal living; Community Life, Mission & Social Justice, Communications, Operations, etc. The Community Council is at the heart of student living and allocates money for nearly all other student groups and organizations on campus.


Participating in the council

All students and partners–particularly our newest community members– are encouraged to consider serving on the council.

At the beginning of the academic year, nomination lists are posted in the mail room for each position available. Any member of the community may nominate a person, but the nominee must qualify and accept, by signature, in order to be considered for the office. A student may only accept one nomination.