In Gratitude for the LCU Fund for Women’s Education

The Community at General is deeply grateful for support from the LCU Fund for Women’s Education. The LCU Fund is the only organization in New York City exclusively dedicated to providing housing support to promising women students preparing for professions that give back to the community. LCU Fund recipients from General for the 2015-2016 school year were:

Alissa Goudswaard Anderson Gretchen Creel Nancy Hoffman Hennessey Jo Ann Bradley Jones Shan Marie Kaplanov Deborah Annette Lee Vickie Lynn McDonald Elizabeth Brooke Schrader Ann Bowie Snodgrass Sharon L. Sutton Ann Kathryne Urinoski

(r-l) Dean Kurk H. Dunkle, Nancy Hennessey '16, Trecia O'Sullivan, Sara Espinosa, LCU, Deborah Lee '17
(r-l) Dean Kurk H. Dunkle, Nancy Hennessey '16, Trecia O'Sullivan, Sara Espinosa, LCU, Deborah Lee '17

In addition, Nancy Hoffman Hennessey was recognized as one of the 2016 Outstanding Leadership Award’s Nominees at the Student Celebration and Leadership Awards on April 21, 2016, at the New York Academy of Art.

For many years, the generosity of the LCU Fund has enabled women at General to defray much of the cost of their housing expenses, easing their financial burden.

With education costs steadily on the rise, and since New York City is one of the most expensive residential markets in the world, this special fund directed to housing is critical. It began in 1858, when a group of New York women recognized the need for safe, affordable housing for young single women working in New York City. They organized the Ladies’ Christian Association, soon renamed Ladies’ Christian Union (LCU), to meet this pressing need. Over a century and a half later, the LCU Fund continues to provide support for a diverse range of women students committed to a life of service to their community.