Housing at The General Theological Seminary

While welcoming and accommodating a growing number of commuter students, the seminary believes that students gain substantially from their seminary experience by being participating residents of the seminary community. There are dormitory accommodations and apartments available within the Close. Students must be full-time in order to qualify for General housing. Apartments are rented on a twelve-month basis except when the student graduates sooner. Pets are welcome in all General housing units, with proper guidelines, of course.


Housing Overview

Dormitory rooms are furnished with basic essentials: dresser, desk, chair and bed. Students need to supply blankets, linen, lamps and any other furnishings they desire. Most one- or two-bedroom apartments have a kitchen with refrigerator and stove, bathroom, and living room.

However, size varies from efficiency to three-bedroom apartments. The amount and size of furniture you bring must be planned carefully. Although there are no connections in the apartments for personal washers or dryers, a laundry room with washers and dryers accommodating debit-card payment is maintained by the General Theological Seminary. Gas and electricity are included in the rent, but not the costs for telephone, television, and cable television.


Housing Policy

All students must comply with the GTS Housing Policy as stated in the Community Life Handbook. Please refer to the Housing Policy, as included in the application, for further information. If you would like a copy of the Community Life Handbook, it may be obtained from Anthony Khani, Vice President of Operations by e-mail at khani@gts.edu.